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Vote for the Ogae Song Contest 2023

Voting closes Saturday 21st of October 2023


In 1986, five OGAE clubs came together to showcase a new song from each of their respective countries. This little contest to pass time after the main Eurovision Song Contest became what is now known as the OGAE Song Contest, one of the most respected Eurovision-style contests aside from the show itself, which aims to promote and celebrate new music from a wide variety of countries, cultures and genres.

This year, we have 31 entries from across Europe and elsewhere vying for the title, and we are excited to share with you the entries. It is being hosted by our sister club OGAE Australia.

Give a shout out to Doozy the mascot!

Niall Horan is representing Ireland this year.

You can view all entries here

 There’s a Youtube playlist as well

And when you are ready to vote, head on over to and submit your vote – Please vote otherwise poor Doozy will be very upset


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