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Belfast Eurobash and Preview Party April 8th


In conjunction with OGAE UK Belfast hosts its own Eurobash and Preview Party on April 8th the at the Hatfield Bar.

Watch and vote on the songs from this year and then dance the night away to your favorite hits #eurovision

** Free Entry **

Cork EuroBash and Preview Party


Cork hosts its own Eurobash and Preview Party on April 15th at the Liberty Bar.

Watch and vote on the songs from this year and then dance the night away to your favourite hits #eurovision

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Dublin EuroBash and Preview Party –


In partnership with Mr Eurobash, we’re delighted to announce the annual Dublin Preview Party. We’ll show all of the 2023 songs from 7.30-9.30pm and then invite everyone to vote, ultimately crowning the Irish Fan Club favourite!

From 9.30pm, we’ll go loco loco and get your adrenalina pumping as we cha cha cha the night away to 5 hours of non-stop Eurovision hits!

*** Free entry and all welcome! ***

Songwriter Aidan O’Connor on how to write a song for Eurovision

Most Eurovision fans have at one point in their lives thought, ‘Maybe I could write a song for Eurovision’, generally after a few sherry’s to help drown their sorrows after seeing their own country fail to get into the Eurovision final once again. Rarely does this ever materialise though.

However, in the case of Irishman Aidan O’Connor he paired his love of Eurovision with his skills as an English teacher and put pen to paper. His first song in a Eurovision national selection show was back in 2011 in Lithuania when Kas jos tokios performed his song Unbreakable from inside a wooden box for the whole duration of the song. Fast forward to 2023 and Aidan has had over 40 songs in various national finals around Europe, including a song in the Lithuania, San Marino, Malta & Romania national competitions this year. In Romania his song Statues sung by X Factor Romania finalist Andrei Dutu finished in third place.

It was in 2016 in Stockholm when Aidan’s songwriting skills really paid off as he had the honour of co-writing the song that brought The Czech Republic to the Eurovision Song Contest final for the very first time. Aidan, alongside Sara Biglert & Christian Schneider, wrote the song I Stand which was sung by Gabriela Guncikova and which finished in 25th place in the final.

Speaking to the Irish Eurovision podcast, I’m Sorry Zero Points, Aidan described that experience as “a dream come true…. It was one of the most special times in my life”. Aidan went on to described how the song was internally selected by the Czech delegation and it was originally supposed to be song by a different singer but things changed and for a while the song was dropped but only to be chosen again by Gabriela.

Aidan also explained the process of staging the song in Stockholm and the professionalism of the Swedish team at SVT who were producing the Eurovision Song Contest that year. After the rehearsals they were able to meet the producers and tweak things such as camera angles and lighting.

Having Aidan in the final in 2016 meant Ireland had something to cheer about, after Nicky Byrne who represented Ireland with his song Sunlight that year failed to make the Eurovision final. However, Aidan went on to discuss how he met Nicky & Marty Whelan and Nicky’s backing singer Janet Grogan at the “epic” Opening Ceremony in Stockholm which included performances by Loreen, Carola, Mans Zelmerlow & a talk by Bjorn from ABBA.

Janet Grogan is someone who would cross Aidan’s path again in 2022 when she sang his song Ashes of Yesterday in the Irish Eurosong and came second behind Brooke Scullion & That’s Rich. Of course Aidan mentioned how he would love the opportunity to see one of his songs represent his home country in Eurovision one day.

When it comes to giving out words of wisdom to budding Eurovision songwriters Aidan advised, “you shouldn’t write a Eurovision song, you should write a song that you love and that you are proud of and represents everything you want to say, because in Eurovision we get a lot of people trying to emulate what has won before.”

He goes on to say, “It’s like with life, if you try and copy someone else or write to try and win, that can take away from what is a beautiful song and the message you are trying to write. But of course there are certain things you need, you should get to the chorus within the first minute and the first 30 seconds of the song is huge as you need to grab people’s attention as much as you can. Those hooks can be important.”

To listen to the interview in full click here.




Omar Naber backs Joker Out for Eurovision victory.


Two time Eurovision representative for Slovenia, Omar Naber is backing 2023 act Joker Out for a Eurovision victory. Speaking to Irish Eurovision podcast, I’m Sorry Zero Points, Omar described how he has known the lead singer of Joker Out, Bojan Cvjetićanin, since meeting him as a 14-year-old boy while recording his third album in a music studio in Ljubljana.

Omar recalled being impressed by the talented teenager with his great voice and ability to write and play music at such a young age. Omar went on to be Bojan’s singing teacher and also introduced him to various contacts within the Slovenian music industry, as he predicted Bojan was going to be a big star in the music business because “not only is he talented but he is ridiculously smart music business wise”.

Speaking to hosts Adrian & Seamus, Omar went on to discuss how despite being a huge star in Slovenia Bojan is actually a very private person who likes to remain friends with the people who know him “before he made it big”. Joker Out are the biggest music act in Slovenia and have won Artist of the Year in 2021 & 2022 and after Eurovision they will return to perform at an already sold-out arena show in Ljubljana.

Discussing what advice he would give to Joker Out for Eurovision Omar refuses to give them any, “when you are going to Eurovision, everyone wants to give you advice. You are the one going there and standing on that stage, you’re the one 60 or 70 million people are going to watch. Of course people want to give you advice and be associated with you because you have a very high status at that point in time. Everyone wants to be responsible for your success if you get it. So I will not give advice to Joker Out, because I think they know better than me”.

On the possibility of qualifying for the final Omar does not hold back and declares that Joker Out and their song Carpe Diem “are going to get the biggest result in the history of Slovenia, I guarantee you that. It’s going to happen, I know it. It’s written in the stars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win”.

If Joker Out win or place in the top six in the final of Eurovision it will be the best result for Slovenia, whos most recent best result was 7th place in 2001 with the song Energy by Nusa Derenda. Someone who is well known to Omar as they released a duet together in 2011 called Duša moje duše. Omar describes Nusa as “a very good singer and someone who is easy to work with”. He talked how it was a great opportunity for him to duet with Nusa and described the experience as “something special”.

Omar went on to talk about his two experiences at Eurovision in 2005 & 2017, both times in Kyiv. He mentioned that on his first time to Eurovision in 2005 he was too young to comprehend what was happening and he didn’t take it as seriously as he should have but he is very grateful to have represented his country. He represented Slovenia with the song Stop which he wrote and although the song is about a relationship, he mentions that the song is his breakthrough and what he is most known for in Slovenia.

2017 saw Omar return to Eurovision with the song On My Way, a song his wrote 12 years prior. He believes he was more prepared and more experienced and ready for the song contest compared to his first attempt. He revealed that many artists in Slovenia wanted his song On My Way which is actually about a period in his life when he was aware of his potential as an artist but constrained by the nature of the small music industry in Slovenia and whether he should move abroad and try make it big internationally or stay within his home country and enjoy the status and lifestyle he had developed in Slovenia.

On the possibility of a making a historic third attempt at Eurovision for Slovenia he doesn’t rule it out and in fact says that he would be up for returning to Eurovision. However, next time he is returning to his roots and he would perform a punk rock song.

Listen to the interview in full here.




Euroclub 2023


@euroclub2023 is coming to Liverpool’s @CampandFurnace with 9 nights, up to 7 hours each night of partying and Eurovision star headline acts to be announced. OGAE pre-sale begins from Thursday at 11am GMT. Day tickets and general public tickets on sale in March. More details here!

We are delighted to be confirming the first acts for Euroclub 2023 – and we’re getting things going with three Eurovision WINNERS! Linda Martin, Conchita Wurst and Charlotte Perrelli will all be joining us as part of an amazing line-up of guests. Tickets available 11am Thursday 16 February here.

7 more acts confirmed for Eurovision after Super Saturday


Saturday 11th February was dubbed Super Saturday, as Eurovision fans around Europe watched to see 7 more countries confirm their artists & songs for Eurovision in May.

In Estonia the final of Eesti Laul took place. After the results of the first round of voting, which was decided by a 50/50 split between televote and international jury, three acts proceeded to the super final: Ollie, Bedwetters & Alika. The winner of the superfinal was then decided by 100% televote with Alika coming out on top with 42% of the total votes. This means Alika has the honour of representing Estonia in Liverpool in May with her song Bridges.

Alika wins Eesti Laul & will represent Estonia at Eurovision 2023.

The Dansk Melodi Grand Prix final took place in the Arena Næstved in Denmark and history was made on Saturday night. After the initial public vote three acts advanced to the superfinal including: Reiley, Micky Skeel and Nicklas Sonne. Then a 50/50 jury & televote decided the winner, with Reiley topping the leaderboard with 43% of the total votes and thus becoming the first person from the Faroe Islands to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest. Reiley, whos real name is Rani Petersen, will sing Breaking My Heart.

Reiley will be the first person from the Faroe Islands to sing for Denmark.

Latvia brought us the final of Supernova and it was the band Sudden Lights that have won the right to represent Latvia in this year’s Eurovision. The band had previously competed and come second in Supernova 2018. After the results of the jury & televotes were announced Sudden Lights were declared the winners ahead of Patrisha who came second with her song Hush. Sudden Lights will sing the lullaby song Aija In May which will see the Latvian language sung at Eurovision for the first time since 2014.

Sudden Lights
Sudden Lights won the Supernova final in Latvia.

In Romania there was a reverse of last years Selectia Nationala final where the jury vote made up 83% of the decision, this year the public had 100% of the say on who should fly to Liverpool and sing for Romania and the public wanted Theodor Andrei. Theodor gave the audience an eclectic performance which ended with him taking off this shirt to reveal the words ‘Make Love Not War’. The final results were close but Theodor just beat fan favourite Andreea D Folclor Orchestra who came second and X Factor Romania star Andrei Dutu into third. Theodor will go to Liverpool in May with his song D.G.T (Off and On).

Theodor Andrei
Theodor follows in the foot steps of WRS, but will he qualify for the Eurovision final?

The final of Dora, Croatia’s national competition to select its Eurovision entry, was also held last Saturday and the run away winners on the night were Let 3, who will represent Croatia with the song Mama SC. They won the jury & televote ahead of Harmonija Disonance who finished in second place. Let 3, Flight 3 in English, are a modern rock band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 1987. The band are known across the former Yugoslav republics due to their original approach to rock music and their obscene live performances. Sounds like a perfect fit for Eurovision!

Let 3
Let 3 will bring their unique performance style to Eurovision.

The Busker won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday and will sing their funky song Dance (Our Own Party) in Liverpool. However, in typical Malta style the song could potentially change. Malta has been known to change the song that wins their national final and send a different song to Eurovision. The Busker won after topping the televote and came joint second with the jury vote. The band consists of David Jr. Meilak (vocals, guitar); Jean Paul Borg (drums); & Sean Meachen (saxophone).

The Busker
Will The Busker have you up & dancing in May?

Italy have also cast their votes & selected previous Italian Eurovision representative Marco Mengoni to try again at Eurovision. Marco won the Sanremo Music Festival, the festival which inspired the Eurovision Song Contest, for a second time. He previously won Sanremo in 2013 & went on to the Eurovision final in Malmo and finished a very respectable 7th with the song L’Essenziale. This time around Marco was the clear winner taking home 45.5% of the votes and he will once again represent Italy at Eurovision with the song Due Vite. The X Factor Italy winner is a big star having sold nearly 3 million records & released 7 albums.

Marco Mengoni
The comeback kid for Italy returns after his success at Eurovision 2013.



WILD YOUTH to represent Ireland!!!


Having won the Eurosong 2023 competition Wild Youth with their song – We are One – will represent Ireland at the competition in May.

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing what they have to offer!!!

Eurovision Stage Design unveiled


The newly unveiled design for the Eurovision Song Contest’s stage is intended to demonstrate “how music can transcend borders and bring people together as one unit”.

The international music show will take place at the 11,000-capacity Liverpool Arena in May, culminating in the grand final on Saturday 13, after the city was chosen to host the competition on behalf of 2022 winners Ukraine.

The stage is set to cover 220 square metres of the venue, with its architecture taking inspiration from “a wide hug that enfolds the Liverpool Arena”, which is set to give the impression of “opening its arms to Ukraine, and the show’s performers and guests from across the world”, according to the BBC.

The structure will be created by New York-based design firm Yellow Studio, which has previously served as the design team behind last year’s Grammy Awards ceremony and the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

The design is set to be all-encompassing – connecting the stage, performers, audience and green room together as one immersive structure.

The approach has been selected to offer “contestants and hosts multiple performance locations”.

Liverpool was chosen to host the competition on behalf of 2022 winners Ukraine

Speaking about the unveiling of the new stage design, the director of Yellow Studio, Julio Himede, said: “It’s a wonderful honour to be collaborating with the BBC and the production team to design this year’s Eurovision Song Contest set. This year’s contest unites Ukraine and the UK to celebrate the unique cultures of both”.

First-look images of the new design show the stage extending out into the audience standing area, which will sit in front of a section of booth-like seating arrangements, where the acts for participating countries will stay while they are not performing.

As a nod to Liverpool’s rich musical heritage and iron street signs, the BBC also confirmed the typeface Penny Lane has been used in the branding.

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Ticket Allocation for Members for Eurovision 2023


A mail has gone out to all registered members of about registering an interest in the FanClub packages being offered. We expect news soon on what will be offered.

If you are a paid member and did not get the email please contact us either by text or by email on the contact us page