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We are over 1000 members now!


We are very proud to announce that we are now over 1000 members. We could not be more proud of this wonderful community, to see such growth and joy come together. 2 years ago we were just over 200, and this is the just the beginning for the club and Ireland!

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A message from the President

What a year this has been. I’m still processing it all.

What started with a simple meeting with RTE back in November has lead to our best result in nearly 30 years! Bambie Thug proved them all wrong and smashed not only records but attitudes everywhere. The witch may not have been crowned but they won our hearts forever 💙🖤💙 I feel privileged to have witnessed such a performance live, the amount of pride and joy Bambie has brought back to our nation cannot be underestimated, we’re back on the Eurovision main stage again!!!

While this year had it’s fair share of controversies, that are still emerging it is important to focus on the positives, we grew from 300 to 1000 members, we’ve a newly revamped Eurovision drive within RTE, we’ve hired our first artists into Ireland this year Suzy, Connelly and Brooke, the first of many to come! Multiple parties throughout the year and across the country, we as a group have raised over a thousand Euro for Doctors Without Borders, and so many more things have happened as well!!!

Some of my personal highlights have been, aside from Bambie absolutely rocking it from start to finish! were celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary with so many of ye in Copenhagen, witnessing Aine having a meltdown of joy over meeting us for the first time, seeing Carlow Rising everywhere around Malmo and beyond, and honestly witnessing everyone at their best and happiest throughout the year, forming new friendships and making one of the most wonderful joyous communities a person could be part of.

We’ve lots more planned for this year and next, we’ve the Malmö After Party on May 25th in the Odeon. We’re planning the summer party mid August, following the success of our Pub Quiz in Malmö we’ll be bringing it to the Summer party as well, more details to follow! And the great and glorious Halloween party of course, so start planning your outfits now! Last year had some really amazing costumes! We’re planning a Battle of The Decades EuroBash in Cork for later in the year and other parties to be announced. The end of the Eurovision Survey will be out soon. We’re looking into grants to host larger events, merchandise (this time we mean it), rebranding etc

I got to meet so many of ye over the last year with so many more to meet, let this be the beginning of something beautiful and amazing not only for us but for Ireland. Ye truly are a most wonderful bunch of people a person could ever know, the love and support shown and given is tremendous and I thank ye from the bottom of my heart. The effect that positivity has on others is infectious, no wonder they all want to join us.

But before I go (for now, I know, I know, Shut up Frank!) I want to thank those who gave their time over the last year to help propel this club to the next level and beyond. Mark, Aaron, Paula, Peter, Michael, Jennifer, my long suffering husband Jonathan, Matthew, our mysterious Social Media guru, and all the admins who have helped throughout the year. I’m going to be cheeky and put a call out to everyone here, just giving us one hour of your time can help us push this club into the stratosphere, have a think about it and reach out anytime, take a few weeks off and have a think about it.

I know that I’m leaving out a lot, but know this, I’m immensely proud of you all, and the potential in what we can do, in the most positive and amazing fan club in the world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a very long nap, and I’ll see you all at a EuroBash near you soon!

Yours sincerely
Frank Dermody

President Irish Eurovision Fan Club

Vote now in the The Winda Martin Eurovision Awards of the year Competition Award Contest Competition 2024

The end of year awards are upon us, so don’t forget to vote now in The Winda Martin Eurovision Awards of the year Competition Award Contest Competition 2024.

Who was your favourite singer of the year? what song made you feel the most? Who had the best props?

Anyone is welcome to vote!

Vote here

Votes close – Sunday 9th June


Malmo 2024 After Party


Banish the Doomsday Blues by joining us on Saturday the 25th of May in the Bourbon bar upstairs in The Odeon Dublin for our first ever Eurovision after-party.

Entrance is free and there will be lots of Eurovision hits to dance too

2024 Kate Ryan Eurovision Award Voting is now open


It’s time to start voting in our annual Kate Ryan Eurovision award, for the best song that didn’t make it to the 2024 Eurovision Final

For those of ye that don’t know, it’s an award given out to the Artist that you think SHOULD have qualified this year. It’s named after Kate Ryan who was one of the favourites to win Eurovision 2006 but failed to get out of that mega semi final of doom, 23 entrants with only 10 spots

You can vote by clicking on this link:


Ireland comes sixth in Eurovision 2024


Ireland’s Bambie Thug has spoken about how grateful they are for the support from their fans at this year’s Eurovision Grand Final.

The Cork native artist came sixth in Saturday night’s final in Malmö, Sweden, with their genre-shifting track Doomsday Blue, marking Ireland’s most successful achievement since 2000.

Speaking to RTÉ after the final, Bambie said the support from their fans “means everything”.

“It means everything to me. I’ve been in this industry for seven years, writing for others and having my art overlooked.

“Finally we have this platform and people are recognising and we’re getting messages from major labels. Finally, they’re taking note.”




Over one thousand Euros raised by Irish Fan Club members.


“There was a huge response to the sweepstakes which were organised by OGAE Ireland, the Irish Eurovision fan club, where hundreds of members entered in the hope of gathering the most points from the countries they were given.

Over €1,000 was raised for the charity Doctors Without Borders.”

Thanks to all who took part and helped us raise money for this worthy cause!

Ireland Qualifies for the 2024 Eurovision Final


Ireland’s Eurovision entry Bambie Thug, singing Doomsday Blue, has qualified for Saturday’s final in Malmö, Sweden.

As widely expected, the Cork singer was among the ten acts to qualify from the first semi-final on Tuesday night at the Malmö Arena.

With Ireland’s Eurovision commentator Marty Whelan promising something extraordinary, Bambie Thug delivered a superbly staged performance that mixed menace, melody, and the dark arts, ending with the exhortation to “Crown the Witch”.

Eurovision voters took heed. Ireland last qualified for the final in 2018.

Read More >

OGAE Ireland Statement regards the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest


OGAE Ireland Statement

Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision (OGAE) Ireland calls on the Israeli broadcaster KAN and the Israeli Eurovision delegation to abide by the constitution of the OGAE, which is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and especially respect for human rights.

These values are common to the Members of the OGAE, in a community in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and effective equality for everyone prevail. 

We further call on the aforementioned parties to abide by the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, which state that participating broadcasters must ensure that all necessary measures are undertaken to safeguard the interests and the integrity of the Eurovision Song Contest and to ensure that the Eurovision Song Contest shall in no case be politicised and/or instrumentalized and/or otherwise brought into disrepute in any way. 

We express our profound disappointment of the politicisation and propagandization carried out by the Israeli broadcaster and delegation, and their violation of the Contest’s values.

President’s Statement

I didn’t boycott Eurovision when Russia was still in the Eurovision, pedalling anti-LGBT hate. I did, however, not go to Eurovision in 2019 when it was hosted in Tel Aviv. 

Eurovision is an easy target for something important to LGBTQ people and I find some of the online rhetoric to be disturbing.

It is never ok to bully or threaten people under any circumstance and the abuse that the artists, in particular Bambie Thug, Olly Alexander and some fans are receiving is appalling. 

Conscience is everyone’s own business. To some there are valid reasons to go, to others, there are valid reasons not to. Nobody should be abused online for deciding either way.

I support the exclusion of nations that break international law, and at the same time believe it’s important for pro Palestinian voices to be at the contest. They’re not mutually exclusive.

I believe that actions are stronger than words at times, which is why we as a club have organised a sweepstakes fundraiser, which has raised over 800 euro so far, for Doctors without Borders, specifically for Gaza this year. 

Frank Dermody
President OGAE Ireland

OGAE Ireland Sweepstake 2024


Our sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.

It’s that time of year – where the predictions start being made, money starts being sent to the bookies – and OGAE Ireland have the next best thing for the members – the SWEEPSTAKE!

Get ready to get rid of your alliances, and place your hopes on two randomly selected countries that will be given to you, in the hope of collecting the most amount of points!

So, how will it work:

Pay a €5 entry – with proceeds going directly to our charity, Doctors Without Borders. After that, you’ll receive two countries from two pots: The first pot is the Top 19 countries, and the second pot is the Bottom 18 countries. These rankings are based on the current betting odds as of the publication of this article.

The aim is simple – collect the most (or least) amount of points possible and win!

You can get your ticket until Monday May 6th


If a country qualifies to the Grand Final, that’s great news for you – as you will collect the total amount of points that they earn in the Grand Final.

If a country fails to qualify to the Grand Final, don’t fret – you’ll still get some points awarded to you. For this, it will depend on the country’s placement in the bottom places. Since there are 15 countries in Semi Final 1, and 16 countries in Semi Final 2, this will work slightly differently, but it’s easy to understand – here’s the maximum amount of points the country can earn based on their placement:

  • 11th place: 25 points
  • 12th place: 20 points
  • 13th place: 15 points
  • 14th place: 10 points
  • 15th place in Semi Final 2: 5 points
  • Last place (15th place in Semi Final 1, 16th place in Semi Final 2): 0 points

However, if the country receives higher than this amount, they will be awarded the lower amount of points. And if they receive less than the maximum amount possible, they will receive the lower amount.

For example, if the country comes 11th and receives 34 points, it is over the maximum amount of points that can be earned, and therefore you get 25 points.

However, if your country comes 11th, and gets 19 points, the lower option of 19 points is awarded.

Who wins?

The person to score the highest amount of combined points will WIN!

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and LAST place – so even if you do terribly, you could still win something!

FYI – the prizes are actually very good – so it is totally worth your while to enter!

So, what are you waiting for? ENTER NOW, and your countries will be sent to you within a few days by yours truly (Matthew)!

OGAE Ireland is doing a Eurovision pub quiz!!

  1. Get your brain in gear for a special Eurovision pub quiz in Malmö!

Compared to some knock-off quiz in Liverpool where there was only one round of Eurovision questions, this is an ALL EUROVISION PUB QUIZ!!

It’ll all be happening in Fagan’s Pub on Wednesday 8th May from 2-6pm!

That’ll be a great tee-up for those going to the Semi-Final 2 Jury Show that night!

Plus, later that evening, get your vocal cords as warmed up as Nemo’s, because Fagan’s are hosting KARAOKE!! Fagan’s Pub will never be the same after it is blessed with the singing of the OGAE Ireland members!