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Bambie Thug – Ireland 2024 Eurosong Finalist

Hoping to make it an eighth win for Ireland, Bambie Thug is the fifth of six artists who will compete in the Eurosong national final which will take place on The Late Late Show on Friday 26th January.

Bambie Thug

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Bambie Thug is an exciting artist that will make you sit up and listen. Originally from Cork but based in London this singer-songwriter puts everything into their music, which they describe as “ouija-pop”, a mix of hyperpop, rock and metal. While their styling emanates a mystical and witchery vibe, their lyrics deal with a variety of topics including personal matters such as dysmorphia, sexuality and mental health.

They have released several singles and two EP’s, High Romancy in 2021 and Cathexis in 2023. Bambie Thug’s music acts as a form of therapy, and is a reminder to break free from social constraints and to practise self-love by feeding your mind and your soul.

Their song for Eurosong is called “Doomsday Blue”. The song gives the listener an idea of the type of artist Bambie Thug is. The song showcases their love of spells and using occult language through the speaking in tongues under the beat of the song. Like Bambie Thug the song’s music and lyrics give an air of both calm and chaos.

Much thanks to Seamus, and his co-host Adrian, of the Eurovision podcast: I’m Sorry Zero Points for writing this article for OGAE Ireland. Please follow them on Instagram: @sorryzeropointspodcast and Twitter: @sorryzeropoints


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