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Travel Advice for Liverpool Eurovision

We will try to put in information here in regards to travel to and from Liverpool


Update: Monday 10th November

Price gouging of accommodation in Liverpool

This is not a new phenomenon, and alas happens every year when the host city is announced. Our best advice is to keep an eye on the market and people will cancel their bookings closer to the date if they do not get a ticket and more accommodation comes onto the market.

Update: Sat 8th October

Double-decker bus - Wikipedia

With regard to people booking accommodation in Manchester. The train & bus unions just voted again last week about strikes…outcome hasn’t been declared yet but will probably give them a mandate to strike again for next 6-12 months.
The reason for strikes is unlikely to be solved by next May, unless there is a change in government.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to book in Manchester just yet as they may end up having to pay for taxis.

Legally the strike dates have to be announced a few weeks in advance though…so situation will become clearer by early April….if not a few weeks before.


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