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Are you Ireland’s number one Eurovision Fan?

Here’s your chance to show your passion and win!

We are looking for Ireland’s biggest Eurovision fan. 

  • You can submit a picture of your costume or Eurovision collection
  • How sparkly have you made your pets outfit? 
  • A video tribute to your favorite entry, 
  • Are you hosting an event with others? 
  • How decorated is your house for the Eurovision itself?
  • Want to sing a song? 
  • Write a blog post or an essay?
  • Do you have a podcast? What is your favorite episode?

You get the idea, any and all entries are valid!

So what’s up for grabs? The winner gets first pick for the allocation of two tickets for next year’s Eurovision in 2024 when and if they become available.

How do I enter?

You can submit your entry via email to  

Submissions are closed on September 14th. 

We will then choose the winner and announce it on September 18th

Who is eligible to enter?

Both users need to be paid members of OGAE Ireland before September 7th 2023 and, and also renew for 2024.(this is because the membership system required for access to these tickets is renewed every year), open to residents of Ireland or have an Irish background.

Minimum age of 16 years and older 

What is an allocation?

Every year the hosting TV station usually grants access to a small number of ticket packages for the semi finals and grand final to each fan club for the Eurovision, and these are then divided up amongst members of the club who have to purchase the tickets themselves.

This is a holding spot for a ticket to the actual Eurovision itself, it still means you have to pay for it in full but it is a guaranteed ticket to the Eurovision.

If you are unable to take the allocation then second place gets the prize, and so on and so on.

We’ll also have some spot prizes to give out 🙂

Any questions then please contact us on 

Wish you all a great Eurovision Season!

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