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Going to Liverpool?

Good evening all and Hello Europe!

The excitement is building as the rehearsals have begun! They certainly changed a lot of opinions didn’t they?

Remember to fly your colors and show your support no matter where you are, Wild Youth are our representatives this year so let’s show them we care!

So here are a few helpful hints and tips for those going to Liverpool this year!


OGAE Ireland will be based out of The Seel Street Venue this year, this is a very centrally located pub, halfway between the arena and the city centre (Its Liverpool, everything is 10 minutes away).

While this is where our club can gather, it is not exclusively for club members so family and friends can join as well!!! After all it is Eurovision! 

Also joining us will be OGAE Australia and OGAE Rest of the World clubs so let’s show our sister clubs the hospitality we are famous for!

Opening hours are:

Tuesday 15:00pm to 00:00am
Wednesday 17:00pm to 00:00am
Thursday 15:00pm to 01:00am
Friday 15:00pm to 03:00am
Saturday 13:00pm to 04:00am

There will be a live band onsite on Tuesday and Thursday and for the rest of the time they will be playing our music.

We’ll have a Eurovision bingo sheet and more for you to pick up and use throughout the week!

For those around on Sunday and Monday we will look into alternatives (I’m headed there tomorrow)

Liverpool Map

We have a map created with easy access to all the important venues (more being added all the time)

Eurovision 2023 Map


The lovely Kittenseses on Twitter has compiled nearly 300 events (at the time of this email) into one doc, this includes venues that will be showing the event as well

Eurovision Events Liverpool May 2023

Chat Groups

We have a WhatsApp group for everyone to join while we are in Liverpool so if you know anyone going tell them to join, and they can arrange meet ups, events etc 🙂 

Just use the Contact us for the link or email ogae ireland @ gmail .com

And now for the Mammy part 


Looks like it will be raining all week, so bring a nice jacket with you as you may be outside for periods at a time, no need to catch your death while you are out there. So while you think you may not need the suntan lotion just bring it in case.


You have access to virtually the same shops and items as you would in Ireland, Liverpool city centre is very cosmopolitan with dozens of major brands in there. If you are worried about your toiletries most of the shops over there have tiny travel size items for 1 pound or less.

Emergency contact details

Call 101 for non-emergency enquiries. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service on 18001 101.

999 is the official emergency number for the United Kingdom, but calls are also accepted on the European Union emergency number, 112. All calls are answered by 999 operators, and are always free.

Irish Embassy UK Tel.: +44 (0)20 7235 2171

Most importantly, Stay safe, don’t be alone and if this is your first Eurovision introduce yourself, I’ve met some of the most wonderful people at the Eurovision, we don’t bite (except for the Australians, but just get them a bevvy of their choice and they are your friend for life!) 


Frank Dermody
OGAE Ireland President


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